Week 4-Sliding Backwards

I am happy with how my DMP is coming together.  It feels good and gives me a sense of peace that my purpose and how to accomplish it is clearer.  I wish I could say that for the rest.  I feel like I am falling behind on the index cards, all the social media aspects and reading.  The week is not over and I continue to build myself up through reading my affirmations daily.


4 thoughts on “Week 4-Sliding Backwards

  1. Hey Guy, I feel the same way, although not with the cards. My issues is with the sitting and meditating exercises. But I think that we might not be far enough a long yet, within the process, to judge our progress. We can chat direct if you want to kick stuff around or just vent. We all have each other back buddy, as all are going thru the same basic stuff at the same time. But just keep at it. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

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