Week 5-Don’t give up

Good thing I am blogging this evening.  Spent some time talking with my mentor this evening and I feel back on track.  Thank you Jeanna & Dan.  Up until then I was feeling overwhelmed and had not done any of the assignments for this week.  My old blueprint was telling me to give up but thanks to the power within me I don’t have to listen to my old blueprint.  I am creating new habits that will replace the old bad habits.


3 thoughts on “Week 5-Don’t give up

  1. Hi Steve, Love “Week 5 – Don’t give up”.
    This is not easy stuff, and you are a hero just for taking the journey.
    But no matter how far each of us gets, we are way further ahead than if we did nothing.
    Note: When I studied martial arts we were taught the opponent that you must master, is not the other guy in the ring, it is yourself. I salute you and your courage for being in the fight. Every day you are winning another inch of forward movement.

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