Week 7-Greet everyday with love in my heart

I started my week celebrating my birthday.  Greeting my day with love in my heart and shouting praise from the roof top for being blessed with another year. When I was young, my grandma Florence would have all us kids and our families out to the farm for Sunday dinner after church.  I have continued this tradition once a month with my own family so that is how I spent my birthday.  Surrounded by my family, soaking in their presence.  As Og would say, “I welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart”.

As the start of the work week came, it wasn’t as easy to welcome the obstacle that was put before me.  It took the wind out of my sails. It wasn’t fair.  Loosing something you have been working hard for. But allowing myself to see it for what it truly was helped me see that I have a purpose and I must focus on the purpose and not the obstacle.  Being pruned by the Gardener in order to be more fruitful hurts but the promise of being even more fruitful is worth it.


3 thoughts on “Week 7-Greet everyday with love in my heart

  1. Hi Steve, Brilliant blog, love it. The hardest thing to do in a life changing journey is changing the mind set, then the rest is just busy stuff. Well you are well away on your Hero’s Journey as the mind set has shifted. Congratulations.


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