Week 8-Keep Focused and Believe

This week started out much better than last. Not allowing the old blue print to distract me, staying focused on my purpose and believing in the power within put some wind back in my sails. As Og put it-I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.  It isn’t always so easy, but not letting the old print derail you helps.  I am still behind on the index cards but feeling confident I am making progress.


3 thoughts on “Week 8-Keep Focused and Believe

  1. Hi Steve,
    You are getting there, this is an evolution not a revolution. Revolutions are fast and furious but require upheaval and discord. This is evolution is slowly and more organic, but produce results. It is the rabbit and the hare story all over again. Just stop every now and then and look back and see your advancements, as we do (your fellow student members of MKMMA see) and you would be impressed with what you have done, as we are proud of you. You are building a better you, completing early, on-time of behind time, is a moot point. The goal of the course is to: become the you that you want to be, a better you n your eyes. And you are achieving this goal daily, step-by-step.
    Cheers Buddy


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