Week 10-Abundance

Abundance surrounds us but is seen differently depending on our perception.  A friend recently told me that “My perspective is my passport and no longer my prison.  You can’t control the outer world but you can master the one within.”  If I keep reading it, seeing it, touching it (the homework/exercises),  believing it, applying the knowledge and the will to bring it to fruition it will come to be.  I am on a journey to live my purpose, to feel an abundance of joy and live life to its fullness.  I am feeling and seeing the change in my life.


4 thoughts on “Week 10-Abundance

  1. “The Law Of Abundance can best be understood by looking at the continual growth and unlimited resources available within our Universe. It is continuously producing and multiplying effortlessly through the power of the Universal Laws, the abundance of which is determined only by the kind and quality of the seed or energy projected.” – in other words in your thoughts and actions, YOU are creating that life of abundance due to what you are projecting to the Universe and your future self! Keep Shining!!!


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