Week 11-Hit Refresh

This week I am struggling with what to write.  Hit Refresh. Some of the things that stick out to me this week are; whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  My old blue print would say you do not deserve it, you are being selfish.  I don’t believe that anymore. My purpose is not from a selfish perspective.  Still, believing requires continually taking a step forward.  Which brings me to the second thing, being persistent. If I stop or give up I will not achieve my purpose, I must persist, I must take one step at a time.  Reading the blue print, DMP, daily affirmations diligently has increased my confidence in what I am doing and myself.


One thought on “Week 11-Hit Refresh

  1. Woow Hoow, way to go Steve. One step forward, one step forward. You fall a little and you get back up. When you stop falling, at that point you can try walking faster. Just like when you were learning to walk, run, bicycle, scate board, water skii, starting to date. The process is always the same as humans are always the same, it is just how we learn. Enjoy the ride as you are well on your way.


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