Week 13-Merry Christmas

This week has been hard, with the usual busyness, the holidays and unexpected financial challenges.  I recognize that I am being tested. It started to get me down but I charge forward, I persist, I will win.  Love is my shield.  Christmas is fast approaching, the greatest story of love. Pooring love out to others.  Helping others out turned my despair into hope.  My son-in-law called me at 5:15am this week.  He was stranded at a work site as his car wouldn’t start.  Instead of having our daughter and 2 young kids go and rescue him I went to his aid.  It was his battery. We were able to get his car started and get him on his way.  I checked later that day to make sure he was able to replace the battery.  They did not have the funds to get a new battery.  Even though we had just been hit with some unexpected financial challenges I gladly gave them the money to replace their battery.  Remember the true reason for Christmas and make everyday Christmas.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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