Week 17-Concentrate

This week I have had to concentrate on the goal of what we are doing, what I am doing.  Sunday when I went to log into my computer for class all I could get was a black screen!  My initial thought went to “oh no, the black screen of death”!  I wasn’t able to listen live to the class and it seemed like there was a power saying give it up.  I had to keep reminding myself you have come this far don’t quit, the class is recorded and you can listen to it during the week.  Being in extreme pain from 7 vertebrae and a rib being out of place didn’t help my thinking either. Concentrating on what I am trying to accomplish, a better me, a better life, making the world a little better place to be kept me focused.  Tuesday afterwork I was able to take my computer in.  It was software issues that they were able to correct and we are back in business and I am back on track.  Keeping the faith!


One thought on “Week 17-Concentrate

  1. You have established the habit of persistence. Though the obstacles seem to mount up sometimes, you are growing as you push through and press on. Your breakthroughs are coming, Steve! Keeping up the faith. You ARE perfect.


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