Week 21-Miracles

Everything around us is a miracle, we are miracles.  Last weekend I attended Leadership training for my business. The speaker was talking about the importance of having a goal statement and goals, written down and read out loud a couple of times a day.  He asked if anyone had them and had them with them.  Out of the group of about 30, four of us did.  He asked us to come up to the front of the room and read the first paragraph of our goal statement/goals to the group.  I went last. I have mine memorized so I did not need to bring anything with me:

The power within me is Omnipotent and continues to guide and prepare me on my journey.  A journey I was chosen and appointed by God, to bear fruit that lasts by showing His love to others.  Making a difference in their lives, spiritually, physically or financially.  My Market America business is the passageway to accomplish my purpose and excellent health allows the journey to be made easier.  My confidence in what I am doing and myself soars like an eagle as I diligently read my affirmations daily, acknowledge Him in all my ways and embrace His grace.  I am truly blessed and prosperous.

The trainer’s jaw dropped and he stated in his 21 years in the business he has never heard anything like it.

On the way home I was driving down the freeway and an eagle flew over my car. It was low enough to see its white head.  It was amazing.

I was already soaring like an eagle from the previous two events but that wasn’t it.  I had to stop for an errand.  When I started again for home the sun was setting and the sunset was beautiful with its pink, orange and purple hues.  But what made it amazing was a broad ray of light that shot directly upward to heaven. Wow.

There are miracles all around us and the creator of all is worthy of our praise!


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