Week 24-Reflection

The last 24 weeks has been a roller coaster ride.  In the beginning feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, a whole range of emotions and the lack of confidence I could even do this.  There were times when I wanted to give up and I was not always diligent in doing what I needed. Over the last 24 weeks though I learned to replace bad habits with good ones, restore my hope, feel positive.  Not to say that negative thoughts didn’t creep in but they did not stay long.  And not to say they won’t try to in the future.  I have the power within me that is Omnipotent.  I understand my true purpose.  That combination is unbeatable.


2 thoughts on “Week 24-Reflection

  1. Hi Steve, Well you encountered a lot over the last 6 months. But as they says in the Butterfly Circus “The greater the struggles, the more glorious the triumph.” By continuing and working thru it you developed character and showed the universe that you were serious about your DMP. Look out for it is coming to you. Congratulations, my friend.


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