Week 24-Reflection

The last 24 weeks has been a roller coaster ride.  In the beginning feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, a whole range of emotions and the lack of confidence I could even do this.  There were times when I wanted to give up and I was not always diligent in doing what I needed. Over the last 24 weeks though I learned to replace bad habits with good ones, restore my hope, feel positive.  Not to say that negative thoughts didn’t creep in but they did not stay long.  And not to say they won’t try to in the future.  I have the power within me that is Omnipotent.  I understand my true purpose.  That combination is unbeatable.

Week 23-Spirituality

Have you ever noticed that when something is about to change in your life, the Spiritual warfare is in full force?  Our class is ending in the next couple of weeks and I need to continue to focus, to be strong for what lays ahead.  I am so tired right now I can hardly keep my eyes open; however, I know I need to get this blog written.

My wife’s vehicle needed a new coil so it was in the shop.  I was on my way to pick her up from work and my car died.  I was able to get it started again so I drove it to the shop rather than picking my wife up from work.  My car needed a new coil also.  What are the odds?  There goes our tax return!

Proverbs 3:6-In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight.  The power within me is Omnipotent.





Week 22a-Master of my emotions

MKMMA has helped me to be better at mastering my emotions. Creating good habits to replace bad habits, being grateful, showing acts of kindness, meditation and daily affirmations.  I have had to call on all of them so far this week.  Work has been a challenge. Joy, happiness, smiling and laughing are contagious and there are health benefits too! Renew your mind.

Week 22-Omnipotent

This week at work has been a struggle.  The old blue print tried to rear its ugly head.  My boss was emailing others in the company some disparaging things about my work.  I pride myself in giving everything I have to honor God.  So, doubt, anger started to creep in.  Being faithful to my daily affirmations helped give the old subby a boot.  Psalm 62:7 is part of my daily affirmations. My victory and honor come from God alone.  He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me. My affirmations gave me the strength to turn these thoughts into energy.  I was able to email my boss with the truth, the facts without her knowing I was aware of what she was emailing others.

Week 21-Miracles

Everything around us is a miracle, we are miracles.  Last weekend I attended Leadership training for my business. The speaker was talking about the importance of having a goal statement and goals, written down and read out loud a couple of times a day.  He asked if anyone had them and had them with them.  Out of the group of about 30, four of us did.  He asked us to come up to the front of the room and read the first paragraph of our goal statement/goals to the group.  I went last. I have mine memorized so I did not need to bring anything with me:

The power within me is Omnipotent and continues to guide and prepare me on my journey.  A journey I was chosen and appointed by God, to bear fruit that lasts by showing His love to others.  Making a difference in their lives, spiritually, physically or financially.  My Market America business is the passageway to accomplish my purpose and excellent health allows the journey to be made easier.  My confidence in what I am doing and myself soars like an eagle as I diligently read my affirmations daily, acknowledge Him in all my ways and embrace His grace.  I am truly blessed and prosperous.

The trainer’s jaw dropped and he stated in his 21 years in the business he has never heard anything like it.

On the way home I was driving down the freeway and an eagle flew over my car. It was low enough to see its white head.  It was amazing.

I was already soaring like an eagle from the previous two events but that wasn’t it.  I had to stop for an errand.  When I started again for home the sun was setting and the sunset was beautiful with its pink, orange and purple hues.  But what made it amazing was a broad ray of light that shot directly upward to heaven. Wow.

There are miracles all around us and the creator of all is worthy of our praise!


Week 20-Hedgehog

Wow, the Fox and Hedgehog illustration just jumped right out at me!  It is so simple and focused.  I feel energized by it as I have been like the fox in my business and personal life.  What a great tool to get laser focused.  I spent the week laser focused and reaped the rewards from a business perspective.  Need to apply it now to my personal life.

The study on multi-tasking was enlightening and a relief. The pressure is off to feel I  have to always be multi-tasking.  I can focus now!

Week 19-Consistent

Just one week makes a difference.  While I did not do the progression 100% this week I am moving in the right direction to being consistent.  From the efforts I have made I can feel the difference already, I feel happier and more confident.

Great video on power positions.  I have been doing the hands behind the head pose for sometime now and not even realizing the significance.  I definitely will be more conscious of this now!

I am looking forward to this weekend.  My wife and I are going to a marriage conference.  We are both looking forward to being renewed and refreshed.

Week 18-Permission

When Mark went over the survey results I have to admit it did convict me.  I had not been consistent in the progression.  I had not given myself permission to be happy.  I guess I still have work to do from Scroll I, replacing bad habits with good ones.  I am working on becoming consistent with the progression.  I have given myself permission to be happy.  I have given myself permission to be successful.  Most of all, I have given myself permission to make a difference in the world.  The power within is omnipotent!

Week 17a-Encouraged

Life is worth living.  Our problems, discouragements and heartaches are mere opportunities to build our character.  Our one daughter had orientation this week for a new job.  It required her to take the bus, (not something she is familiar with) not just one but transferring buses. I received two frantic calls from her on her journey but wasn’t able to take her calls.  She worked it through.  On the way home she had bumps along the way also but got home safely. I have struggled lately with my business but meeting with my business partner and coach tonight we put together a plan to use what I am learning and put a plan in place. I left encouraged.

Week 17-Concentrate

This week I have had to concentrate on the goal of what we are doing, what I am doing.  Sunday when I went to log into my computer for class all I could get was a black screen!  My initial thought went to “oh no, the black screen of death”!  I wasn’t able to listen live to the class and it seemed like there was a power saying give it up.  I had to keep reminding myself you have come this far don’t quit, the class is recorded and you can listen to it during the week.  Being in extreme pain from 7 vertebrae and a rib being out of place didn’t help my thinking either. Concentrating on what I am trying to accomplish, a better me, a better life, making the world a little better place to be kept me focused.  Tuesday afterwork I was able to take my computer in.  It was software issues that they were able to correct and we are back in business and I am back on track.  Keeping the faith!